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Ask Buffalo State _ Weigel health center: immunizations, insurance, and prescriptions _ Suggested Medical supplied

Posted by: jablonkm Aug 13 2013, 02:53 PM

Weigel Health Center
So You’re Coming to SUNY Buffalo State
A list of information, suggested medications,* and supplies, that may be helpful to bring for the school year.

Medical Insurance card (Make a copy of card front and back)
Primary physicians name, address and phone number
Copy of entire immunization record - should be sent in advance
List of current medications taking
List of food allergies

Prescription Medications Epi-Pen (If prescribed)
Acetaminophen ex.Tylenol Respiratory Inhalers (If prescribed)
Ibuprofen ex. Motrin Hydrocortisone cream
Migraine Headaches Medication Antibiotic Ointment
OTC Cold/Flu/Cough Medications Acne Cream
Cough Drops Thermometer
Emergen C (For Colds) Eye Wash/Drops
Allergy/Sinus Medications Menstrual Cramp Medication
First Aid Kits Disinfecting Wipes
Band Aids Tweezers (For splinters)
Ace wraps
Ice Packs/Hot Packs

*Any medication on the list of suggested medications are not to be taken if there is an allergy.